Take a photo for individual elements when grouped together

02-15-2023 04:02 AM
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Hi everyone, 

Let's see if anyone has been in the same problem as me before.

I have my form in field maps with multiple fields. Some of them are grouped and some are not.

My issue is that when I try to take a photo, this gets saved as an attachment but I can't seem to be able to link it to a specific field.

Let's say I have one field called tree and I want that photo of the tree linked somehow to that field and then go down the form to another field called bench and take a photo that somehow is linked to that field.

I know I can take multiple photos with field maps, however the photos option to take a photo is at the top of the form.

I would like that as the user scrolls down the form, they take a photo of the relevant information they are capturing, whether it is a tree, a bench, or any other field that they might encounter as they fill up the form.


Am I asking for the impossible?


Thanks a lot in advance

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There are several ideas that have been posted on a similar topic. It generally is describing some form of inline attachments and in similar fashion to S123.  It isn't asking the impossible, but it isn't supported yet in FM.  I think it is on the horizon, but who knows what the timeline will be.

There is already support for it in the web map specification, which is promising.  My guess is that it will come after the Workforce-Field Maps integration. And my hunch is that we could see that around the time of the UC.  So maybe later this year they might work on adding support for the formAttachment Element that is already spec'd out here

Generally speaking, new things will show up first in the web maps spec, then the JS API and Runtime, then FM mobile and/or Map Viewer, and then officially in the FM authoring app. I haven't yet found a reference to the element in the JS API.

I tried to cheat it by adding the element to the layer's JSON, but it will fail to load in FM... so while it is in the map spec... neither the are supported yet in JS API or the runtime.  

You may want to upvote these... there are others as well.



- Justin Reynolds, PE