Feature Reports for Field Maps

03-28-2023 02:44 PM
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Is there any expectation for Feature Reports similar to what is available in Survey123 to be incorporated into Field Maps? The Feature Reports in Survey123 is a nice feature that would be beneficial if the same capabilities were included within the Field Maps application since sometimes Field Maps seems to be more applicable to other collection efforts.

Is it simple enough to just bring a feature layer information from Field Maps into Survey123 to generate reports if there is not any indication that this option may be introduced by ESRI?

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Data driven pages in Pro can get you there.  Bit more setup but they can be pretty fancy.  

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You can in fact create a form that references a feature layer collected in field maps:

Select Feature services from "New Survey" in survey123 connect.


Then you can make reports off of that particular feature service. Though, I generally create a view layer of the specific layer I need and point it at that. You also can't have spaces in the layer name.

This isn't really documented anywhere by ESRI, but I have been successfully using this method to generate reports for field maps data for awhile now.