Feature Layer (hosted, view) Join Table Not Found for Offline Map Creation

05-16-2023 07:25 PM
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Hello All

I have a feature layer (hosted, view) that was created by joining a points feature layer with a related table, both of which are either created and/or filled out via Survey123. For the ArcGIS Online map that I am using for FieldMaps I have a filter applied to this feature layer that selects feature layers that have the answer "yes" for one of the questions.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 7.21.13 PM.png

I am trying to create an offline map, and keep getting the following error stating that the table that is joined to the feature layer cannot be found:

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 7.04.46 PM.png

When I look at the table in the ArcGIS Online map it seems to be there:

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 7.08.13 PM.png

I created the feature layer (hosted, view) because I wanted it to be updated dynamically since people will be doing summer data collection so it will be added to as the summer proceeds.

Is there something that I am missing here that might be obvious and I am simply overlooking? I already have an offline map that contains all the features, though this feature layer does not have a table joined to it.

Thanks for any help.

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There is a known limitation where Hosted Feature Layer Views created from the Map Viewer Classic Join Features analysis tool are not supported for offline use.

Standard Hosted Feature Layer Views support offline usage. Synchronization needs to be enabled on the parent layer first and then the view.

You can create a duplicate layer by unchecking the option to store the output of Join Features as a Hosted Feature Layer View, or run the analysis tools in ArcGIS Pro to reach the end result on the input layer.

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