'Feature isn't Valid' error for Field Maps on iOS

02-13-2023 11:31 AM
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Any idea why Field Maps would give a 'Feature not Valid' error for someone with an iPhone? I have a Field map, that works on my Android fine, both online and offline, all layers submit with no issues. However, my coworker who has an iPhone, is having issues with two of the several editable layers. Most of the layers work for him, but there are two layers that are giving him the 'Feature isn't Valid' error. 

He is not using an offline map. Since he will be in the field soon, he will not uninstall/reinstall the app until after this week,  and he will use one of the 'Generic Layers' that is working for him to take data for now. 

Is this just one of those weird bugs, where I'll just have to reupload the layers with issues?


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Update to this issue:

I was told by a representative, that there is a bug for iphones when using conditional visibility and making the hidden field required. To avoid this bug, do not make any fields that are hidden due to conditional visibility required. 

I hope this is something that is fixed soon, as sometimes you need a field that pops up due to conditional visibility to be mandatory to answer. 

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I can attest this bug it is still present on Field Maps, version 23.3.0 on iPad (not only iPhones). My forms work great on Android devices with hidden field groups but raises errors on iPads. So I have to remove the conditional visibility for these fields.

Let's hope ESRI is aware of this bug.


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If you're still experiencing this issue, I would suggest giving them a call and letting them know. They are more likely to fix it faster if there are more reports made about this bug. 

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