Expression for Sequential Numbers

03-14-2023 01:05 PM
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Hi all, 

I'm very new to Arcade and am just trying to create a simple form to collect field data. I have two questions: 

1: Is there an arcade expression I can use to populate a field with the same value as the last one I entered? For example, I'm delineating a natural feature and calling said feature "A", I have a field that I would input "A" into. Now is there a way to have the next feature I create automatically populate the field with "A"? I also need to be able to change this to a different value ("B") when mapping a new feature. 

2: Is it possible to have a field population with sequential numbers based on the last entry. For example, I'm hanging flags to delineate a feature and the flags are labeled "FeatureName, Number" (ie. A1 followed by A2). I have the "Number" as a field and would like the next feature I create to auto populate with the last value +1 (essentially sequential values 1, 2, 3, etc.). I also need to be able to edit this in the case I'm delineating a new natural feature.


Thanks in advance!

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