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03-21-2023 03:04 AM
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I've recently added several calculated expressions to Field Maps Designer for my agency's layer on trees and there seems to be various triggers that makes the Field Maps application on my iPhone/iPad freeze. You then have to restart the application (more details below).

This happens for both my iPhone SE and iPad mini and with different user accounts. We're using a Postgre database and an ArcGIS server 10.8.1 which controls the access to maps. In addition the layer is also password protected. Everything is stored in an AWS-environment. Doing a similar set-up with calculated expressions for a different layer stored in AGOL works fine. 

I'm unsure what the underlying issue is and was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and could point me in the right direction?


The scenarios:

We recently added a related table to our tree layer called inspections. As soon as I open the related table for the layer (inspections) the application freezes and I have too close it and reopen it. This happens every time.  I've tried troubleshooting and found that if I turn off the calculated expressions that fetch attributes from the related record, the table functions like normal. In this case I want to fetch botanical name and facility name from the tree layer to the inspection table. I've used the code from example 2 (great article btw):

Scenario 2:

In our tree layer we also have the fields stem diameter and stem circumference (both have data type short integers). I've written an expression that calculates the circumference based upon the diameter. However, a bug appears when you insert a number that is 5 digits or more causing the application too freeze and you have to restart it.


Field maps:

Appversion of Field Maps: 23.1.0

Build: 984


Any help would be much appreciated!




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Are your web services coming from AGOL or from your ArcGIS Server instance?

You might try turning on logging in Field Maps, clear the logs if necessary, reproduce the freeze then go look at the logs.

If you are using ArcGIS Server, set logging to Debug then reproduce the error, then go look at the logs for that service or services.

Generally speaking, the newest mobile app (currently Field Maps) has trouble spots where there is newer functionality. I have gone back to Collector or Collector Classic to get around problems with relationships. Sometimes one of those two apps will reveal something about a problem that the newest mobile app doesn't uncover. I don't know if the two older apps will help if you are using global IDs as the key to your relationships. Of course, Field Maps expressions won't be supported by the older apps. These are not ideal solutions but when I don't have a week for technical support to work on the issue, the older apps can be a Godsend. ESRI has pulled both Collector apps from the Google and iOS app stores so they can be hard to get.