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06-06-2023 11:06 AM
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I am really struggling with understanding the functionality behind the option to Edit Multiple (or really the lack thereof).

I understand that currently, there is a strange, but intentional, lack of relation between the form we set up to edit one feature and what appears in the edit multiple function. I get it but I really don't.

What I really find confusing, though, is understanding why Edit Multiple pulls in some fields but not others. I have a feature with 4 fields. In the web map I have the pop-up set to utilize show 2 fields. These are the fields that need to be edited. I have these 2 fields set up for my Field Maps form as well. Now I know that edit multiple doesn't pull from my form, but its not pulling from the pop-up either. It actually ONLY shows the 2 fields that I don't want to be edited.

Is there an algorithm that determines what fields Edit Multiple will and will not show? And does anybody know what the enhancement request number is for this request. I was given a number but it has nothing to do with this feature. Adding the ability to set up the form that is used for edit multiple is crucial. It means the difference of a couple days work to edit parcels in large batches and several months of work editing thousands of parcels one at a time.

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I have deduced that it pulls from the configuration of pop-ups at the layer level at the moment the layer was published to ArcGIS Online, so even if the pop-ups are reconfigured, it will still pull from the original configuration (even if you remove and re-add the layer to the map). This really doesn't make much sense. I'd like to shake the hand of the guy who built Field Maps and thought that this made sense and was great for ease of use.

So editing the configuration in ArcGIS Pro and publishing it as a new feature layer has resolved the issue.

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Did you try setting the popup in the Visualization tab on the item details page?  This 'should' change the default popups for the layer.