Creating a Relationship between existing features and existing records in the related table

10-18-2021 12:32 PM
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When using Field maps, we can create a new record in the destination table and the relationship is created.  We are trying to create the relationship between a feature and an existing record in our destination table.  Essentially, we want to select a feature (Origin Table), look up a record that already exists in the destination table and pass the primary key to the foreign key.  Essentially, build the relationship between two existing records.  Has anybody been able to do this? 

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Hi Sean

this feature used to work just fine in Collector Classic (we used it all the time on our Traffic Signs data). Then Starting with the "new" Collector (20.1.0) that feature stopped working and still doesn't work in Field Maps. I've been working with ESRI tech Support on that since March of 2019. They created an enhancement (ENH-000121306) that is still under consideration :(.

So now, if my field workers add a sign on the wrong post, they TXT me and I have to change it using the AGS Pro.

Can't wait for that function to work again.....



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