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09-09-2022 02:06 AM
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I need Field Maps to only allow data collection at the sampler's current live location. 

I've tried to do this by disabling the "Collect here" feature in Field Maps settings, as "Collect here" allows the user to create features if they can't get to the location of an asset/ observation. 



I've tried to collect data both offline and online in Field Maps streaming my location to create a polyline then taking random points in the sea/ locations I'm not standing at and it still lets me submit the edits and sync. I've also just taken points on a polyline by themselves in random locations. 

Any ideas on how I can get this feature to work/ use a different feature so that I know data is only being collected by samplers in an exact location? 


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Hi Sara,

I had this same question about a year ago. Here is the post for that:


At that time, it seemed as if there was no way to stop the possibility of a user-altered location, but using metadata, there is a way to tell if the point was moved by the user. I believe with one of the most recent updates they've actually made enabling metadata easier as well. When I used metadata, I recreated the database in Pro, and ran the "Add GPS Metadata Fields" tool and it automatically added the proper fields to my table. Hope this helps!


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Hi Damon

Really appreciate your reply. 

In Pro when I try and run the "Add GPS Metadata Fields" it says the input must be Point features. Just wondering if you have any experience with this in adding metadata to polylines for data collection? 



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