Creating line features while in the field

10-04-2022 12:32 PM
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I am new to Esri Field Maps and hoping that this app can help me conduct some wildlife research field work this winter. Basically, I will be snow tracking wildlife to collect habitat data along their routs for comparison to the habitat types along random paths. So, when I find a trail of prints in the snow, I will use a Trimble DA2 antenna connected to my phone to record the trail as I snowshoe along it and collect habitat data as I go. The tricky part is that next, I need to sample a random trail for comparison. To do this, I need to take a previously recorded actual trail and place it in a random spot that is a) along a road, and b) within 2-3 km of the actual tracks I just followed. At this random spot, the previously recorded trail shape must be oriented according to a random bearing. In this way, I can create a realistically shaped animal path, place it in a random spot and direction, and then follow this mapped path for habitat sampling. 

My question is: can I access a saved path and map it in a randomly chosen direction and spot that is constrained to roads and by distance all while offline in the field?  

Thank you!

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