Not able to download offline map FieldMaps

10-02-2022 03:06 PM
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Hey everyone,

I had this issue a couple of months back when the new FieldMaps App (Beta) came out but it's here again (started about 2 days ago).

I have uploaded a couple of new sites for my fieldworkers to collect data in, and configured them for offline use in FieldMaps portal just as I normally would (has worked fine for the last 4 months or so), but none of them can download the map for offline use on their devices (gets to about 10% downloaded and then just pops in with an error 'download failed') - tried it on numerous devices, with wifi on and off but no success.

Not sure if it's anything to do with my last week's cave in and update to ArcPro 3.0.2 (2.9 was glitching out hard), but I can't have a bunch of fieldworkers not knowing where they are and not being able to collect data offline. Frustrating to say the least - anyone else experiencing this and/or have any ideas how to sideload offline maps?



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There are a lot of factors coming into play with offline workflows in ArcGIS Field Maps that can affect failure during download. Has anything else occurred for the web map(s) in between the working state of these offline map areas and observing the download failing? for example:

  • Updates to feature layer schema?
  • Overwrite publishing?
  • New layers added, visualisation changes, etc... ?

Has this particular web map ever worked offline?

Do your other, older offline web maps still work as expected?

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First, excuse me for my english(i am french).

i have quite the same issue, but it's my first use of arcgis field.

when i try to create my  offline map on arcgis fields, it gets to about 10% downloaded and then just pops in with an error 'download failed' and when i try to create the mapping area in here (the picture below) it fiels too.


do you have any idea of the problem please.