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'Check all that apply' delimited lists in Field Maps

04-04-2023 02:40 PM
New Contributor

I would love to have the ability to add a 'check all that apply' question in a Smart Form, and the output is a delimited list of all the checked values in one field.

For my use case, we are configuring a Field Maps application for a community non-profit to record issues with the local parks in their area. Each feature in the dataset is a park. Right now we have five questions in the Smart Form, each with the same coded values list that the user chooses from a drop-down list. The questions are 'Park issue 1', 'Park Issue 2', 'Park Issue 3' and so on, and the user chooses from a list of various issues (overflowing trash cans, broken or unusable restroom, etc.). Instead of including five very similar questions that allow the user to choose up to five issues, it would be helpful to have just one question asking the user to check all issues that apply. Then, when choosing by attributes in the dataset, we can choose attributes that include the issue text string or strings we are interested in within a single field.                  

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