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Cannot load editable layers

05-12-2022 03:32 PM
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Hello all,

I've added two editable layers in the field maps, but both layer cannot be loaded. I got the error message below:

domain: com.esri.arcgis.runtime.error Code: 3011 Description: Geodatabase duplicate code


I created point and polygon layers from ArcGIS Online directly, and editing/tracking edit date have been enabled. Could you someone direct me where I need to look into?

Thank you.



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Hi Kerry,

We're also suddenly experiencing this error today with a map that we've been using for almost a year now. The layers load fine in the web maps online, but not in Field Maps. Did you ever figure out the cause/solution?



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I was able to solve this in my case by removing a duplicated domain value from the affected layer. I diagnosed this by looking at the error log in Collector, rather than Field Maps. That error log said, "Value is already present in the coded value domain". So then I remembered that last week I ran a script to update one of the domains, and that must have somehow added a value that already existed. I then simply went into the Data tab of the feature service, Fields subtab, opened he affected field, and scrolled down to find the value with an error message. I repeated this for all the layers and views with this domain.