Cannot add records on 2 of 3 devices

07-11-2022 07:17 AM
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I'm using Field Maps 22.3.0 Build 1199 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 to collect water usage data that is stored in a table on an offline map. This setup is used on three tablets and all are virtually identical.

In the past, each tablet could add data and sync up at the end of a session. The data logging is straightforward: in the map I would click on the feature, click the link icon in the lower left area, click "add" and enter the data, click the check mark in the upper right area where it would then return a "submitted" message, rinse and repeat. At the end of the session, click the two arrow (sync) button when in range of WiFi and all syncs up. For whatever reason, this process now can only happen on one of the tablets.

I have rebooted, signed out of every tablet and one by one signed in to ArcGIS Online in the tablet browser (which translates back to Field Maps, I have found) and opened the same offline map, but when I click the link icon the "add" option is not present. Understandably, the two arrow sync button also isn't present. Please see the two screenshots below.



not accepting.jpg

I'd like to know how to get the two tablets to accept data entries again.


Update: I ended up making a copy of this in Field Maps and creating a test offline area. Downloaded the test area to all three tablets and was able to enter data. Sync was textbook on one tablet. The other two tablets had sync errors BUT the data showed up in AGOL anyway (???). I've had this problem with other maps, too.

Now it's just a matter of removing the old version from the tablets, recreating all offline areas in the new map, and downloading said areas to all tablets. Not the easiest way to fix things... but it is a fix of sorts.

In summation: problem fixed, but another problem keeps the tablets from a clean sync.

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