Can I go online if an offline map area is available?

05-06-2021 02:26 PM
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I have a field maps web map with an offline area defined, but not downloaded to my device.

Is there a way of entering this web map in online mode, without being forced to download the offline map area and go offline?

I guess the workaround is to have one map for offline work and one duplicate map for online work with no offline area defined?

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Hi @Brooks_SummitGeo ,

For Web Maps that have pre-planned offline areas (those defined in ArcGIS Online or Portal) you cannot open an online version of the map. The same goes for maps that are available for offline use and where an area has been defined and downloaded on the app. A workaround, as you mention, is to create a copy of the map and use one for each "state". We have heard this feedback in the past and is something can consider for future improvements. 




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@Brooks_SummitGeo  I'd encourage you to add your voice to this idea that's requesting similar support.

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@DougMorgenthaler @ColinLawrence , thank for the comments. Looks like things haven't changed since the Aurora days then. Okay, good to know its now under consideration 👍

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