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Auto-generating uninteded branch versions

04-25-2022 10:10 AM
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A few months ago, I was tinkering with the Offline editing capability within Field Maps, and set up a couple of editable layers to see how it would function with a prospective GPS receiver and tablet...

I recently opened the Version Manager in ArcGIS Pro for the first time in six months to find over a hundred new branch versions created since then, on the two web maps I had created for testing.  It looks like new versions are being automatically created at the same time, every week, under my account.

Does anybody know what settings could be causing these versions to be created, and how to disable this process?

Specs: ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.0 (SQL Server GDB), ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2, Field Maps 21.3.1 (iOS).


GregAutogenerating versionsAutogenerating versions

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In case anyone runs into this same issue, here is a possible cause for this issue, courtesy of the Esri Helpdesk:

'Orphaned versions are typically caused by devices that download the map for offline use and then uninstall the app, network issues etc.
Currently there is an enhancement ENH-000094776 logged  to add functionality to identify and clean up these instances.

We can list out all the versions in the geodatabase that relate to a feature service’s sync endpoint. Before resorting to this, it is a better approach to delete the replicas through the REST endpoints, but in some cases, this does also not clear everything up.
In terms of the database schema in ArcSDE, a replica can have multiple versions linked to it. Each client such as Collector/offline editing that downloads a dataset for offline use creates a replica and an initial version. Each time a sync is performed, a new version is added to the replica.'

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