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Editing Attributes by Default not Polygons in Fieldmaps

07-17-2022 08:15 AM
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Hi There, 

I have a map all setup in Fieldmaps on my Android phone and its all working as expected except when I select the polygon and want to edit it's attributes by hitting the edit button it takes me to the edit polygon rather than the attribute form. 

Is there a way from forcing FieldMaps to take me to the form attributes as the default rather than automatically taking me to the map view and wanting me to edit the polygon??? 


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Greetings, I think if you include pictures showing the problem, it will be better to understand the problem, which I think is easy. Greetings.

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In iOS, if I select a polygon and hit the edit button, it takes me to the edit polygon in the map, and the edit form in the bottom of the map so I can edit either/both.  Sometimes, need to scroll the attribute form up so you can see it all.


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