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& character in field name breaking url

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06-02-2022 09:24 PM
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Hi All

I have constructed an Arcade expression to parse field values in from a selected feature (in Field Maps) to a url and open up and fill in an online form:

var url = ""+"&"+$feature["doc_no"]+"&"+$feature["f1_lichold"]+"&"+$feature.reader+"&DEWNR staff"+"&Annual"
return url

It work fione except for when a name in "f1_lichold" has an & in their name eg D & S Smith.  The form just fills in D as the name and fails to complete the rest of the values.

I am assuming that "&" is considered as a break, but is there anyway I can construct the url above to avoid this and fill in the name as D & S Smith?

Note I have also tried just creating a link in the pop up as so{doc_no}&{f1_lichold}&{reader}&DEWNR staff&Annual

But the result is the same




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Thanks for the tip

Adding UrlEncode prior to the offending field worked

""+"&"+$feature["doc_no"]+"&"+UrlEncode($feature["f1_lichold"])+"&"+$feature.reader+"&DEWNR staff"+"&Annual"