Where are photos attachments saved on Android tablet

04-28-2022 05:46 AM
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We copy the photos taken with Collector App from our Samsung Android tablets and save them as "originial photos". Now we have switched to Field Maps and I cannot find the photos on the tablet anywhere. Where are they?

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I am also wondering about this.  Other posts have directed to the DCIM folder on the device which may answer your question, but the photos only appear after a device restart.  However I've noticed this only works on some of our tablets so it's not a perfect workaround.

Does anyone know if there is some other place they can be found or another way to mass download attached photos to the device?

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I think FM is now creating a temporary mobile geodatabase at runtime (when you open the map and the layers load).  Then when you take a photo with the camera it stores the photo there on the device until the feature is submitted.  Then it commits it server side (datastore/egdb etc.).  I don't think anything is being saved in your camera roll or dcim folder for android. Maybe someone from ESRI can confirm or deny that.

When offline things are probably similar but different as things are managed with replicas.

- Justin Reynolds, PE
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