After drawing a polygon in fieldmaps is there a way to have it automatically split the polygon into multiple polygons based on intersections?

08-25-2022 10:15 AM
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I am creating a map to use in FieldMaps that contains a polygon layer which is composed of a 150m x 150m square grid. Each grid cell is a polygon with a unique ID. My colleagues will be in the field and drawing their own polygons on this map to identify locations they have completed surveys within. They will be assigned individual grid cells to complete surveys in, but it is likely that on-the-ground conditions will require them to complete surveys that overlap several grid cells.

I'm wondering if there a way to have FieldMaps or ArcGIS Online automatically split any drawn polygons my colleagues submit into multiple polygons based on which grid cells their drawn polygons intersect with. For example, if someone draws a survey polygon that covers portions of two different grid cells, I would like that survey polygon to be split into two polygons such that each individual polygon is contained entirely within a single grid cell.


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Es un geoproceso que puedes realizar en PRO. FieldMaps ni AGOL es compatible con esa fuincion todavia.

En pro puede ejecutar un IDENTITY, Herramienta de geoprocesamiento de ArcGIS que calcula una intersección geométrica de las entidades de entrada y las entidades de identidad.

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