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Field Maps dropping referenced value on forms

05-23-2022 06:13 AM
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Hello everyone,

I seem to be running into an issue with forms. 

If I have a layer in a webmap and open field maps, I can configure the pop up to have a title with a reference value associated with it.

If I edit that layer item, the edit form contains the reference value in the title of the edit form.

Now, if I open forms in either the webmap or via field map forms and create rules for the editing such as *required field, the reference value is gone. All I am left with is the {referenceFieldName} in its place for a title when doing editing.

It happens with either method, in the new webmap or via field maps forms. 


No formatting, the title shows "ESRI App : Field Maps" in the editing form

After formatting, the title shows "ESRI App : {AppUsed}" in the editing form

I also noticed that when tapping on Edit icon on the iPad, the no formatted form, flashes for about a millisecond before the formatted form lays over it. Like both forms are there, just the new one on top of the old one.

Anyone seen this or know how to fix it?


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yes I see the exact same issue here. Form titles ONLY seem to display raw text but no referenced values.

Seems strange why no one from ESRI is picking this up.

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