View Attribute Tables in Field Maps

05-09-2022 10:10 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to be able to see the attribute table of my feature classes during field collection.

The reason for this is to more easily find features after collecting them, especially if they were collected by someone else and you're trying to re-find them.

Another advantage is being able to see all the records at once is that it'd be easier to see where data was missing or incorrect, allowing some QA before leaving the field.

I previously asked about this capability for Collector here: Viewing attribute table while in Collector - Esri Community

and someone else asked about it for FieldMaps here: Show Attribute table on iPads Field Maps App - Esri Community


This would be a great addition. Allowing our surveyors to see all the features on the map in a table list by status would really make surveying easier.


Our department has also been asked for this capability, so far it seems like Survey123 only allows you to see the previous entries for a certain record of a related table, so that the survey is automatically popullated with the number of counts of waterfowl recorded for one location, for example, but that's as far as the functionality will allow. There is a way to hack the Excel spreadsheet to show the records just previously collected, but one must know in advance approximately how many records will be collected beforehand. Being able to see the attribute table and edit within it would go a long way to convincing our field workers that this is a better system than using their ancient field collection software and then delivering us a spreadsheet. 


Yes, please.  I was thinking about this very thing a couple of days ago.  We could really use it for QAQC, navigation and filling in information that may not be available at the time the data was collected.  


Yes please


It is amazing this is not a feature already. 


Agreed. Would love to see this implemented. 


This is basically something you expect to be able to do when handling a simple feature layer with various  collected informations and being able to sort values by their various columns to get an overview.