Update complete webmap including form definitions during regular sync (and not only the data)

06-20-2022 10:15 PM
Status: Open
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During offline work with field maps it is required to change settings e.g. in form definitions.

As per now it's required to rebuild the offline map and the delete and re-download the offline area on the device. (mentioned in this post: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-field-maps-questions/editing-the-form-after-creating-offline-ar...

That's far to complicated for field workers! And with many map areas and field workers abroad it's almost impossible to push the information. 

My wish is to enable the synchronisation of the whole webmap during regular sync and not only off the data.

Improves the usability for field workers without technical skills and time for manual configurations. 

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Great idea! Most of the times the network connection in the field is very poor and having to download the entire area again takes a long time or do not work; being able to just sync and having all the changes needed would be easier and way less time consuming.