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Sync Data in Offline Maps Similar to Quick Capture - Data leaves the device

03-30-2021 02:11 PM
Status: Open
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We are using Field Maps and pre-defined offline areas for aerial survey data collection. It is essential each survey day we start with a blank map (no data collected from the previous survey is shown). I did submit an enhancement last year at this time when we were using Collector. The enhancement is ENH-000130176.

Currently the only way to get a 'blank' map each day is to download a new offline map that has the feature layers filtered in the map to not show features (CreationDate in the last minute). It would be so great if there was an option to sync data to AGOL and then not have the features remain on the device. This functionality seems to be in QuickCapture where there is a check that the data is synced and then leaves the device.

Having this functionality would eliminate the need to download a new offline map each day for surveying. We are limited in some areas by internet for field crews where this is almost a deal breaker. I have mentioned I am currently involved in migrating ArcPad projects to Field Maps and when I tell folks they need to download a new offline map each day they are really surprised this is needed since they don't need to do that currently to work offline with ArcPad. Again another loss in functionality 15 years later migrating from ArcPad.

Below is the text from the Enhancement Case:

Tech Assist was logged, the Collector team recommended writing an enhancement request for the ARCADE team. 

The user has a team of field workers that are conducting aerial surveys using Collector for ArcGIS. Their desired workflow is to start each new survey with a blank map (no features), collect data, sync, and then have those synced features removed from the Collector map. Currently the user has created views to filter data within the last 8 hours, but this doesn't allow for the points to be filtered after they are synced. This creates a problem for the user because it makes their work difficult when the map is crowded with many points and features.



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