Support for field input masks in Field Maps, Smart forms

11-02-2021 03:20 PM
Status: Open
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We are seeing a need to support field masking in Field Maps. Some fields have a predefined notation, such as stations of measurement, and it is cumbersome on a small device to have to change keyboards 2 or 3 times to toggle between letters, numbers and special character each time. It is currently supported in Survey123 and should be brought to Field Maps.

Our use case would setting the default mask to accept XXX+XX for station measurement, where it would automatically prompt the number keyboard as well as populate the + sign in the appropriate place.

Would be useful as well for things like phone numbers XXX-XXX-XXXX or other codes.

Even better if we could just calculate this automatically using attribute rules or Arcade expressions... hopefully one day. 


Thank you


I still support this Idea for other uses, but at least for my example above, it looks like native support for Linear Referencing is coming, which is even better!

by Anonymous User

Would love to use this to create a timestamp on our comments. User enters a comment and an attribute rule or input mask automatically calculates a timestamp for the comment and appends it to the end.