Support 360 photos in Field Maps/AGOL

03-03-2021 05:31 PM
Status: Open
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This has been posted elsewhere in the ideas forums for AGOL and ArcGIS, but it would be super swell if Field Maps could support viewing 360 photo spheres captured by cameras like the Insta360 One X and similar cameras.  These are equirectangular projection photos that look a bit like this:


But in a proper viewer display normally and can be panned around by the user:


These types of photos are incredibly useful for documenting facilities.  Facebook has a pretty helpful guide to identifying these types of photos using the EXIF tags captured by the cameras:

We have successfully implemented support for these cameras in our own Runtime SDK-based apps and it would be super great if Field Maps could support them as well. 


I don't have a specific use case for this, but I can imagine a few that would be handy. In a forestry setting, forest inventory or post fire assessments with 360 images could be a handy tool. 


I agree, we could also make use of 360 image support through AGOL applications. I am glad to see others are also interested in this idea.



Great Idea.  We have THOUSANDS of 360 photos that we would like to be able to natively view in Esri apps.  Right now we are using a viewer written in-house with 3rd party api's. 


Our field geologist are more and more considering this option when doing a location description and want to be able to do a 360 photo.