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Set location profile in Field Maps Online

07-28-2021 04:41 AM
by Anonymous User
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One of the wonderful additions to Field Maps is the ability to control settings for the mobile app in the web app.

It would be very useful to be able to set the location profile for use with the project as well.

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I agree @Anonymous User. A common problem for us is that our field staff may remove and re-add the Field Maps app from their devices, failing to establishing a location profile when they reloaded it. It would be great to establish a location profile as part of a users AGOL and/or Portal profile. This would allow:

  1. admins to establish the correct location profile for field users from within AGOL/Portal
  2. field users to always be using the correct location profile. 

I asked this question here.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you @DougMorgenthaler !



This would be very useful. Field users have no idea what OSTN15 is! It would be useful if administrators could set  global settings in Field Maps web app e.g token expiry, location profile, auto sync off, disable directions, QR code scanning, control cellular data use.


We have a large number of devices with high accuracy GPS receivers deployed in our organization. We also collect data over a large geographic area, each requires specific location profiles based on the local real time correction data source.

It would be very useful for us to be able to deploy a number of location profiles programmatically to our AGOL org, and these would then by synced to any device one of our users signs in to.


Like PhilippNagel1, we also work across large geographic regions, and depending on the locality have either WAAS (SBAS) augmentation with submeter, but obviously in ITRF2014, while in other locations, Single Base RTK solutions based on NAD83 2011 (epoch 2010) solutions.   Hence this datum switch is now, maintained on each device by each user creating two location profiles, both of which are of course dependent on the map coordinate system (which can come in two "types" - WGS84 and NAD83 (2011).  Right there we have a 4-way permutation, rife with errors for field personnel.   So, controlling at least a portion of the location profile (incoming datum stream) is crucial, and could eliminate the number one error in mobile GIS - Datum mismatch.


In addition to the above reasons, it would be really helpful for ensuring the profiles stick following app upgrades. Every time we move to a new version of Field Maps, I need to re-configure the profiles. This isn't so bad for just me, but it does make it a bit more challenging for a more widespread deployment.


Are there any status updates for this request?


There is sort of a way to achieve this now, but it does not work very well and the documentation is terrible. It also requires an MDM setup.


I've tried setting this up with our IT group and there are too many limitations and unknowns for it to be worthwhile in my opinion. I think the better solution would be to make location profiles, etc. configurable at the org level, similar to custom basemaps for example.


This is such an important thing and also that can be easily messed up by field workers. I have no idea why esri has left it like this for so long.