Sequential values for Field Maps

11-03-2021 03:15 PM
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Hi there

I would like to be able to generate sequential numbers for each "inspection" my team makes in the field. It would be preferable for this value to be automatically generated in a format of my choosing (ie. I have the option of the number being generated with 3 digits (ex. 001, 002, 003) or with a prefix attached to it (ex. Grp001, Grp002). 

I've seen this discussed in the Field Maps Question section (but on the subject of Contingent values), but based on the the comments, it doesn't appear to yet have been deployed in Field Maps (just in Pro) - there is some mention in the May 2021 video that contingent values might be over the horizon, but wanted to check if this functionality could be used for generating sequential numbers. 

Solved: Contingent values for a hosted feature layer in Fi... - Esri Community


We have the same request from our field geologist. They need a unique sequential sample number, with the possibility of a prefix, like the locality name or personal initials. This is crucial when taking hundreds of samples remotely in coordinated groups and offline.


We have the same need too in our organisation.