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Select Multiple Attribute Edits Besides Points

07-30-2021 12:11 PM
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I would like the ability to select multiple edit attributes through a rectangle, lasso, circle, triangle, or other geometric shapes. Having to tap each individual object is very tedious and causes longer editing times. 

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Totally agree! For specific tasks we use Web App Builder now just for this type of selection capabilities. It is not uncommon for us to select 100 points or more (representing trees where we use biological treatment against oak processionary caterpillar). Picking points one at a time is tedious. But we prefer to work in Field Maps because an app works better than a browser in such cases. 


The ability to multi select with a lasso or rectangle would be a very significant efficiency improvement for field data collection and attribution updates within our Pipeline Distribution Leak Patrolling Application. In it is current state the field user has to click on each segment to change attribution. The process is slow and open to missing small segments unless zoomed into a very tight scale.


We currently use the web app builder for this functionality too. It's not ideal on an iPad. We have gas leak crews that survey multiple line segments and points really quick. Clicking on each individual segment or point is very time consuming. We use the web app builder's batch editing tools with the lasso selector right now. We would love to see this implemented in Field Maps. Our crews have been asking for this for some time now. 


I'll add a "everything on screen" option to that suggestion as well, I'm sure a lot of users would be more comfortable setting the extents using the map controls instead of a vertex tool


I also agree on this.  Being able to select multiple points by a lasso or rectangle when greatly improve workflow.  We have guys inspecting poles.  Going down one section of road there could be 15 poles.  Right now they have to tap on each pole to get them selected which takes an unnecessary amount of time if they could just draw a rectangle around the 15 poles.


We are in the process of transitioning from paper service cards to electronic data collection. The workflow I am building is to collect services and components installed in the field using Field Maps.  Part of the work flow consists of selecting all the assets installed and adding a common unique attribute (address and field activity/work order ID).  These include points and lines.  There will be minimum of one line and 4 points for each service.  Being able to select all the features by polygon, lasso, or rectangle will be ideal.  I'm having to create a custom app in ArcGIS AppStudio to try and mimic everything Field Maps can to just to get this one feature.


We are building solar farms and I'm using a GIS map to "shake out" pile. This is taking a bundle of steel I-beams (typically about 6"x8"x15') and placing them in the field about 15' to 20' apart. We are using a GPS antenna to place the pieces to within a 1' accuracy of the final installed position for each pile. Each crew can place as many as 600 per day. It would be ideal to have each team designate which pile they laid out in a day, but obviously selecting 600 pile one at a time is not tenable. Having the ability to select by area would make this a viable workflow.