Select and Attach Multiple Photos at Once in Field Maps

03-24-2021 09:19 AM
Status: Implemented
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My organization uses Field Maps heavily to submit asset locations, information, and photos for projects. One of our biggest projects lately has been transitioning our photo management process from adding them in SharePoint to adding them in Field Maps to be stored in our SDE databases. We have over 150 field users currently, and continually growing. We've had a lot of feedback recently that it is a pain and very inconvenient to not be able to select multiple photos from your photo library at once to add to a record. Our users take photos on their phone so that they save to the library, and then attach them in Field Maps. I've seen users attach over 20 photos to a single record at times; on average around 5.

The current workflow of Upload>Photo Library>navigate to picture>select picture >>> Upload>Photo Library>navigate to picture>select picture >>> Upload>Photo Library>navigate to picture>select picture over and over and over again is definitely painful and time consuming. Additionally, trying to remember which photos you've already attached or haven't attached yet is extremely difficult and ultimately results in missed photos or duplicates. 

The ability to select multiple photos at once in your photo library to attach to a form in Field Maps would be much more practical, would be much less frustrating for end users, and ultimately allow our users to spend their already-limited time on much more valuable activities.

Idea piggy-backing off of this one for Collector.


Agreed - this would be a valuable time saver that seems like a logical feature inclusion for the product roadmap. 

Status changed to: In Product Plan

The upcoming release of Field Maps on iOS in early April 2021 will support attaching multiple photos from the camera roll.  


@DougMorgenthaler any idea when the same function will come to Android users?


@DougMorgenthaler how exciting! Thanks for the update


Was there ever an answer as to if/ when this will be possible on an Android device?  No problem on my iPad.  Also, it does not appear you can select more than one attachment at a time in AGOL webmaps if editing on desktop PC?

Status changed to: Implemented

Support for adding multiple photos has been implemented in Field Maps 21.4.