Reporting for Field Maps

04-21-2022 08:33 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

The reporting option for Survey123 is fantastic. I'd love to see something similar for Field Maps where users can create reports for the data they have collected. The best thing about the Survey123 reports is I can set them up and non-GIS users can create the reports in the page. They don't need to open any desktop software.


Any updates on adding this functionality? We're having to backfeed all our Field Maps feature layers into Survey123 just to use the reporting interface.


We also wanted this option to become available soon. Unfortunately, we have to make a traditional report with exported Excel spreadsheets and maps every time for our field geologists, as not everyone is so GIS-savvy and has enough knowledge of ArcGIS Pro yet. Some are even suggesting that we move away from ArcGIS Field Maps and over to Survey123 just because of this reporting option.