"your location" icon in Field Maps is sluggish

01-25-2021 04:34 PM
Status: Open
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The "your location" icon in Field Maps is very slow to respond. Also, it only seems to show your direction of travel when you are moving. This makes it awkward to choose a direction of travel.

Other Apps (like Avenza Maps) are able to show the direction you are facing even when you are not moving. You can stand still and rotate 360 degrees and the little directional arrow follows you. It must sense your Azimuth cause it does not rely on movement.

Please implement this behavior in Field Maps so I know which way I am pointing before I start moving!

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I agree, I've had a similar experience with the locating function in field maps. Even though it is continuously tracking my location, even when the screen is off or running in the background (Android), when I turn the screen back on, there is an annoying delay where the location indicator pauses, moves then jumps around for a bit before settling on my location.