"Project user input" for Field Maps mobile capture

11-02-2021 04:58 PM
Status: Open
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I quite like the functionality of the "Project User Input" in QuickCapture and how it improves workflow (ie. fewer clicks). 

We have very clunky operation codes for each of our activities and typing for each of our field observations does kill a lot of time. The current work around is to pre-populate the operations code as a list of selectable activity codes - but even that is too many interactions when we conduct 10s to hundreds of activities each year + we need to capture the data quickly (like QuickCapture). 

Yes we could use QuickCapture, but we need to capture more data points in the field than QuickCapture will allow us to use. 


Yes - agreed! We use Project User Inputs for QuickCapture to identify Team, Squad, Operator in our Urban Search and Rescue tools. Enter your this information once and then it gets added to all data in the session. This is similar to Web AppBuilder Presets. 

We would consider using Field Maps for data collection  if Presets/Project User inputs was implemented. As it is right now, it is just too many clicks for our workflow. 



I open an idea for adding it to "field maps" app, please vote for this idea.


I have a similar use case to pjdohertygis. We are using quick capture for rapid reconnaissance and field intelligence data capture for Emergency Management. 

QC is really useful, but the lack of free text entry is why we are wanting to use Field Maps instead.

But the overhead of field users to continually re-type the same information for data point is pushing us towards remaining on quick capture.