"Preview Device" Option for Field Maps form builder

11-02-2021 04:47 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to see a preview of what my form would look like on the different devices used - similar to the "preview device" option available in QuickCapture. 

This will enable me to get an idea of the layout of my questions for my field users dependent on the device used (tablet/ipad vs phone)

The work around currently is to develop the form and then look at it on my own device, however I don't have the full range of devices and iOS/Android systems that may be used in the field.  


This is so necessary! All of my clients have different devices and it's very difficult to do demos or provide user documentation for the workflow when I don't have the correct device to test on. Survey 123 has a similar "preview" option to show the form in a tablet, phone, etc. and I think Field Maps would greatly benefit from this.


This would be wonderful to have!  Our field crew have different sized screens (phones), and a few tablets, so view settings will need to be different - how can I preview what it looks like if I don't have same size screen?  


Agreed! How do we not have this yet? I was trying to create some screenshots for a presentation, and now I have to get one of our devices, take screenshots on it, and send the pictures back to my computer.