Option to Persist Current Layer Visibility For Each Map

10-27-2021 04:00 PM
Occasional Contributor III

When a user changes which layers are visible/non-visible in a map, there should be an app-level setting to either save this selection for the next time the map is opened or reset to the map defaults every time (i.e. the current behavior). This data would be saved only to the device, much like the feature to return to last session's extent in Web Appbuilder. This data would ideally persist unless an irreconcilable change is made to the map's layer set but having it reset on every map update isn't a deal breaker.

Our organization has many maps with over a dozen layers by necessity and the default layer visibility isn't ideal for all workloads. This would be infinitely less work than creating and maintaining duplicate maps with different layers visible by default and would save our field crews time as well.


Great idea. I had exactly that scenario last week with a user asking why the layers all revert to default visibility every time they open the map. I had to prepare them their own dedicated version with the visibility set to their preference.


Yes! Our users would find value in this as well.


This would be a game changer for us. Our users have been asking for this functionality for years. 


Our users have brought this up as well. The only workaround I could come up with is creating a user a custom map for each user with the layers they want/need visible by default, which isn't practical for our organization of 228 members.


This seems like pretty big and basic functionality - is there an idea logged for this?


Agreed, This is really impacting our users. Is anyone from Esri able to comment if this is has been looked at? It should be a client side setting you’d think so wouldn’t require configuration on the AGOL/Enterprise side