Option to import sideloaded Mobile Map Packages on device into another offline area package

06-22-2022 02:55 PM
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We really miss the option to be able to import sideloaded Mobile Map Packages into another offline ArcGIS Field Maps data collector app. It seems redundant and not very efficient that we have to upload all our ArcGIS Pro data and maps to AGOL to include them as feature services in the web map, and then download them again to the app as offline area packages.

In our case, it would be more efficient if we only needed to download the Field Map collector app which only has a download size of 10 MB with a simple vector basemap. The rest of the maps could then be pre-sideloaded as MMPK onto the device instead of having the whole package as an offline area package which has a download size of around 1,5 GB which is not optimal.

When we now have the option to create Mobile Map Package in ArcGIS Pro and sideload them directly to the mobile device, then there should be a map setting to be able to import the MMPK and its maps when both the spatial references system and area extent covers the same. Currently it is only Vector Tile Packages which are supported in the Field Maps offline settings ("Use a tile package for the offline basemap").


Hi Christian,

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, what you are asking for is already possible using Copy a basemap to the device.

We create tpkx files in Pro using the Create Mobile Map Package tool, and then sideload the tpkx file on our devices. We still have to upload the tpkx file to AGOL and set the filename as the basemap within the web map settings, but we don't usually download it from AGOL to our devices. 

I hope this helps. Good luck!



Hi Travis,

Thank you for your reply and I apologize if my request was a bit unclear.

What we are requesting is an option to import a sideload Mobile Map Package (*.mmpk) on the mobile device into another offline area package downloaded from the AGOL with the data collection option. It is required to download the data collector part of the ArcGIS Field Maps from AGOL in order to sync data once online, but it would be much more efficient if all the other project data and maps could be imported as a separate sideload mmpk.

As of now, it looks like the only option is to include a Tile Map Package (tpkx) for the offline basemap, but the problem with the tpkx is that it does not have all the same features as the mmpk has. But maybe we have overlook something when we did try with the Copy a basemap to the device.


hola me gustan tus opiniones, lo pondré en practica, tengo una duda pero no esta enlazado a sus respuestas, en mi caso tengo la versión 10.7.1 de ArcGIS y quería saber como obtener el paquete de español para esta versión, muchas gracias.