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11-15-2021 02:09 AM
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When you first log in to the app, you must select one of the two login options, the first login is through ArcGIS Online and the second is through ArcGIS Enterprise,

But it often happens that the app returns to the main screen again and then the employees in the field make a mistake and enter ArcGIS Online instead of entering ArcGIS Enterprise and they also fail to return to ArcGIS Enterprise,

Therefore it is highly recommended that after the initial login to the application, it be possible to set that only one login option will appear on the login screen.

And also that it will be possible to make this setting by URL

by Anonymous User

@BiliThe portal URL can already be controlled if Field Maps is deployed via an MDM/UEM. You can read about it here. When this is configured, the user will be taken straight to the sign in dialog without having to select ArcGIS Online or enter an ArcGIS Enterprise URL.

The portal URL can also be set via app links so when a user taps a link or scans a QR code, the app will open directly to the specified portal. You can read about that option here.

Do either of those approaches work for you?


Hi Aaron Pulver, Thanks for the response

The first option you mentioned is not possible at the moment, it requires IT planning, and some employees also use their personal mobile.

The second option is already in use but it does not help enough because field workers do not remember to use QR.