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01-06-2021 01:57 PM
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Hello there. For context, I'm using Fields Maps on an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S9+ with ~6.5" screen). Currently, hint text will appear within its associated input box, but is not actually visible until the user taps the input box. (Before tapping the input box, the field name is displayed there.) However, if the field has a domain, tapping the box immediately opens up the list of choices for that field, meaning you do not get to see the hint text unless you back out, without choosing a value. Additionally, when it does display, the hint text gets cut off if it is longer than 6 or so words, limiting its usefulness. This is probably less of an issue on larger tablets.

It would be helpful to have the hint text placed below the input box (or at least an option to), similar to how the descriptions for field Groups are currently displayed, and to how hint text is placed in Survey123. Alternatively, having the hint text appear in a bar near the top of the screen only after the input box has been tapped (especially if there is a choice list for that field), might be another option.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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by Anonymous User

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of these limitations and are in the process of coming up with a solution for our next update planned for late March.


@Anonymous User That's great to hear. Thanks!

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We've implemented this behavior in our most recent release on Android; the placeholder for a text-box or text-area input type displays the placeholder regardless of whether the field has focus.


Also, if your hint is being cutoff due to its length, you can change the input type of the field to "Text - Multiline and it will then wrap your hint text rather than cutting it off.