Improve averaging

02-09-2021 09:49 PM
Status: Open
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A few points to improve on the average function in Field Maps:

> Point averaging is hidden very far away in the settings. It would be much more convenient if you could adjust this during data collection.

> More averaging variants can greatly improve the use of averaging. Now it goes with a time interval. For many situations where an (unreachable) center point has to be calculated, it would be more useful if you collect the points at a chosen location that need to be averaged instead of at a fixed time interval.

I can give an example when measuring tree locations. You can measure around the tree to calculate the center of the trunk base. Reception of GNSS signals is always poor under trees, so you often have to stand still longer to have a good fix solution. Each tree also has a different diameter, so the number of points to be averaged should differ per tree. Time interval resources will never work for this application.
Another application can be, for example, measuring the center of a road profile. measure the curbs on both sides and you end up in the middle of the road with your chosen average points.


@Ewout_de_Graaff have you tried this in the latest version of Field Maps?  In the latest release we added support for accessing the number of points to average from within the collect panel.  Tap on the menu in the panel while averaging is enabled to change the number of points to average.


@DougMorgenthaler That’s a great improvement I totally missed. Helps a lot!

Addition of a turn averaging on/off button wil be even greater. More interval modus and thresholds on minimum accuracy/ distance from mean wil be the very perfect solution.

Thanks for the development you and your team did so far! This kind of functionality fills the gap to other survey software.



@Ewout_de_Graaff in the April release we promoted the collection settings to also be available during collection or editing; you should now be able to turn GPS averaging on or off now within a collection activity.


@DougMorgenthaler  Perfect!!

I already discovered it and it works fine. Thanks for the tip though!