Floor Picker Enhancements

11-19-2020 10:40 AM
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I set up the floor picker in my Field Maps app using the Indoors model. I'm having an issue with the VERTICAL_ORDER field. According to the Indoors documentation: 


The problem is, when I navigate to a site, the first floor plan level I see is the lowest in the vertical order. For instance, I see lower level 1 (vertical order -1) instead of the ground floor (vertical order 0). This is not practical for field workers who will be entering sites on the ground floor, more often than not.


In addition to this, I ONLY see the lowest level in the floor picker. I have to click "L1" in the screenshot above before the other floors buttons are revealed. This will add extra confusion for field workers if they're only seeing the basement floor plan when they walk in the front door of the site. 

I've made a workaround for this by assigning positive numbers to the lower levels that are greater than the highest above ground floors. So vertical order -1 becomes 3, vertical order -2 becomes 4, etc. But this also puts the floors out of order in the floor picker, because I'm seeing the highest numbers first, and the ground floor is at the bottom.


I'd like to propose that the vertical order field default to 0, or have some way to edit the vertical order of the floor picker buttons in the web map or app. I also think that all relevant floors should be shown initially on the floor picker, not just the lowest vertical order floor. 


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This will be in our 21.1.0 release in March, will be in beta in January.




@BrentPierce Will this also include support for map image layers?  It seems the floor picker only supports web feature layers currently.  This imposes restrictions on layer ordering that are problematic for us.  For instance, we typically would put our underground utility map image layer on top of our indoors layers so users can see where utilities are coming into a building.  Because it's a map image layer (both because of the number of sublayers and sublayer groups as well as performance), it can only be placed below the indoors layers.


Are you running the most recent release of Field Maps (20.2.0)?  Map Image layers should work with the most recent version.  We experienced similar issues with older releases.


@AndrewBowne Yes I am running the latest version and I'm fairly certain that the floorpicker worked with MapImage layers in earlier versions.  The map in question was created by copying one of our Indoors maps and adding some additional, non-Indoors, layers like underground utilities.  I hadn't opened the map in awhile but was preparing for a demo and found that the floorpicker no longer was working with my map image layer.



This is interesting... Have you tried removing the non-indoors layers to see if you get the floor picker back?  I haven't tried adding non-indoors layers to an indoors aware map but that might be my first guess.  

If it ends up being those non-floor aware layers, could you publish them to a different service and add them to the webmap?


Thanks @AndrewBowne . The non-indoors layers are coming from different services in the Field Maps map.  The indoors map image layer only contains indoors layers (facilities, levels, units, pointsofinterest).  


If you remove those non-indoors services, does the floor picker appear again?


I will try that and let you know!  Ultimately though that sort of defeats the purpose but I'm assuming this is just for testing?


Yes, This is suggested just for testing.  At least then we can narrow it down to which service it might be.

I tried adding my underground utilities image service to my indoors image service and I still was able to use the floor picker.  I added the underground utilities above the indoors aware service and also below.  It worked each time - although it took a lot longer for the app to realize it was a floor-aware webmap with the utilities on top.  My assumption is that's because each layer has to be crawled to see if it contains the proper schema to be floor aware.

Did you happen to check the log files to see if they reveal anything?