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Field Maps Temporary Trail For Path Taken

01-12-2021 10:47 PM
Status: Open
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In regards to the Field Maps app, it would be great if you had the option to record a temporary trail showing the path that you have taken. I understand that this can be done using an editable layer but it would be simpler for projects that are for navigation only (not data capture) where its helpful to see where you have traveled but there is no need to retain the data beyond a specified time frame.

by Anonymous User

Field Maps supports location tracking which seems like it could work for you. As long as it's enabled for your organization and the mobile user has an ArcGIS Tracker license, it will record, display, and upload the tracks. Does that meet your requirements?


Thanks for the suggestion Aaron but I need this capability to be available offline and stored on the local device only - no need to setup a spatiotemporal big data store.


This is an idea I would like to see implemented as well. Currently a lot of our field staff use apps like Avenza and OziExplorer. I haven't used Avenza much, but the key thing people like about Ozi is it's simplicity. Open and go then export the track tail later. We are moving a lot of our staff across to Field Maps, but one key thing Ozi does that Field Maps doesn't, is location history. I've looked into the Tracker option, but as implied, it requires additional licencing and enables remote location monitoring, requires licences to be assigned, etc etc. Really all I'm looking for is a bread crumb function (customisable length in the app settings: 100m - 50,000m for example with a point/vertice dropped every 10/50/100m). Maybe this could be tied into the Markup function of a users Field Maps app if ESRI didn't want to make it too smart and take away from the appeal of an extra paid (licenced) Tracker function? Also, the option to "wipe" the track tail would be handy so you could start with a clean slate for whatever the desired reason is (usually navigating in remote areas). 


If we could get this function, I'm confident we could convert some of our older school hold-outs!


Our agency has hundreds of forestry, wildlife, parks and law enforcement staff who need a reference map, and to occasionally capture and view points and routes locally on their device, but do not need to be monitored. Most of the bureaus those staff work for recently evaluated options and decided to adopt Avenza in part because of the additional cost needed to record and view routes in Field Maps, which they see as a capability that exists in pretty much every other mobile mapping and GPS app, including free ones.

Those decisions will have implications for our entire mapping platform because it will drive which software is used for creating offline maps and managing the data layers used to build them, along with the workflows for occasionally exporting the points and routes for updating operational data layers.

I believe that seeing temporary breadcrumbs would have been a welcome addition for some users and I think it’s a good idea. Mostly though what I have heard is that they want to be able to store and retrieve a previous route for their own reference, and to occasionally share them in the field with others using AirDrop or similar method when responding to an incident (rescue, fire, tip, etc).


@MatthewGeorge yep - I'm looking forward to seeing this functionality become available (I think mid April?). One less argument for people stuck on the old methods to use when trying to get them to move with the times.