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Enable Offline Mode on maps where not all layers have sync enabled - unsupported layers shouldn't prevent the map from being taken offline

02-17-2021 04:21 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Our existing program uses Collector Classic where it is still possible to see GPS without using Tracker. This GPS data is very important to our field crew workflow and they have become dependent on knowing where other team members are at any given moment. We are trying to modernize our program by moving to Field Maps and were hoping to use the Tracker layers in a similar way we used GPS in Collector Classic. While most patrols are performed within cell service large portions of our system do lay outside of this strong cell service. For these patrols, having the ability to go offline would be very useful, even if the Tracker layer wasn’t maintained while offline. As it stands it sounds like these maps will be completely unable to go offline AND keep the Tracker layers because they can't be taken offline by design, potentially necessitating the creation of additional maps for solely offline purposes which isn’t a lean procedure.

Ideally, if a map contains layers that do not have Sync Enabled we would still be able to take maps offline with the supported layers, perhaps with a warning that only compatible layers will be included.

by Anonymous User

I think this would greatly help my company! Fantastic idea!

by Anonymous User

I like that idea. We should warn users and give them the option of continuing rather than blocking usage.

by Anonymous User

You know. SashaHelton has identified a really important concept. Users need to take maps offline because cellular service may not be available all the time. A user should also be notified and presented with an option to continue as well. 


Totally Agree. What a great suggestion.


I agree - the ability to take maps offline and it just warns and excludes the layers that are not offline enabled would be a great facility. 


I agree, and it would be great if the online-only layers kept working when the device is online (e.g. weather services, vector tile surrogates used for pop-ups , etc)


We have been dealing with the same issue. Thanks for this suggestion.