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Enable/disable Feature Snapping for specific layers

04-05-2021 08:53 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Hi everyone,

Our field crews use multiple reference-only layers in Field Maps and other layers that they collect data with. They find it useful to have feature snapping on, but only want to snap to the features they have created (not to the reference layers). 

It would be preferable if there was a way to disable and enable snapping to specific layers within a web map in Field Maps.




This has recently become an essential requirement for our workflow. Please implement


I remember ArcMap's "Classic Snapping" toolset allowed you to remove layers from the snapping pool.

It means you could prevent field workers from snapping to hideously complex vector layers in their field map base data, whilst also being able to snap to other layers that are part of their snapping workflow.

An example of this would be using an EOS Arrow and Trupulse laser rangefinder to survey point vertices of a shape (eg kerbline) and then collect that edge with a polyline kerbline feature template by snapping to those points.

Please implement 👍


Regular Field Map users would also like to use a snapping feature for specific layers.  Adding or editing features in the field with snapping would improve the accuracy of the data.  Our example is collecting linear data in the field for curb space management.  Thanks!



This on/off snapping option on all layers and projects or none is completely senseless !

What if I want to use my vectorial personnal basemaps and snap a leak on my pipe network only ?

@DougMorgenthaler why are you doing this ? You did not identify this need since collector exists ? is it a technical challenge ? I even cannot see any commercial reason...


Am also upvoting this idea. Layer specific snapping is very important, especially in regards to connectivity and how it might be affected should a person snap to the wrong layer by mistake.


This is such a fundamental requirement. It shouldn't even need to be a customer should just be available


It appears like this enhancement was implemented but it only works for Feature Service references in the webmap.  This is disappointing because in Collector you could snap to Map Service references.Snapping.PNG


Hi Matt,

Also, this feature only works when editing within the Map Viewer. I was asking for a setting that could be configured in Map Viewer or Field Maps Designer so that users in the field would automatically snap to selected layers when creating data.