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enable a custom location profile to be set as default across all users

03-19-2021 08:42 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor III

Enable a custom location profile to be set as a default across all users so when a user logs out, and a new user logs in, they do not need to reselect the location profile.




@jasonheyman not sure if you're using an MDM in your organization, but we recently added support for defining location profiles via MDM configuration.  You can find more information in this topic (look for locationProfiles in the list of available parameters.  This would allow you to define this once and simplify the mobile user's work since they wouldn't have to define on the device.


@DougMorgenthaler Is this something that could be a setting at the map level?  Authored in Field Maps like offline workflows or map collection settings. We deploy maps for projects all over the US with many different scenarios.


@JustinReynolds not at this point in time, but it is something we've discussed as a potential enhancement. There's an open idea for that that you might want to comment on/upvote.

Status changed to: Implemented

Marking this as implemented.  There's a related idea for supporting this at a map level (not defined for all users).