Disable Screen Timeout for iOS Devices (Stay Awake setting)

08-29-2022 04:15 PM
Status: Open
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Enable a setting within Field Maps for iOS/iPadOS to stop the screen turning off (locking) when in the app is open. This feature is currently available within the QuickCapture app and is called Stay Awake.

Our field users find it frustrating that the device locks frequently when collecting field data. Due to corporate MDM setting we cannot extent the device lock time within the device setting, however when Stay Awake is enabled and using QuickCapture the app settings override the device settings. So having that functionality within Field Maps would be great.


I've run into this same issue and have lost data due to the screen locking while driving around large features or walking a trail in the wilderness.


Has there been any further update on this?  We have this issue with field users in remote areas as there is no reception and working in offline maps to visit road assets that aren't in other mapipng products.  This would be a valuable addition to the app. 


Our organization is having discussions on this topic right now, drivers have been wanting to use Field Maps for navigation and it seems there's no setting in Field Maps for this? Has there been any update on this? 

Especially if QuickCapture offers this it seems like a no brainer for Field Maps.