Copying in related table to different assets

07-12-2022 04:14 AM
New Contributor III

Hi there,

We are doing inspections on a lot of assets and using a related table to store the shortcomings. At this point there is no possibilty to copy a stored shortcoming and paste it to other assets. We have to use a script for doing this. We would like to see that we can copy shortcomings in the related table and paste them to other assets so we can skip using a script to do so. This will mean that our inspectors will be able to see all the shortcomings immediately instead of waiting for the next day (script is running during the night). When the script fails, there is a possibilty that we lost the data and have to go for another round which isnt cost friendly.

This is a must in Field Maps to make inspectors work faster. 


with kind regarts