Copies of layers causing issues for download of offline areas in Field Maps

06-22-2021 02:01 PM
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Issue: when attempting to download an offline area in Field Maps, the error "An error occurred downloading the map area" appeared, and the offline area could not be downloaded. After some testing, it appears that this error is being caused by the existence of a 'copied' layer within the map. This is evidenced by the fact that the download does not work when the copied layer is present, and works once the copied layer is removed.

Note: For anyone experiencing this issue, a workaround was linked in the comments: 

However, allowing copied layers to be downloaded would still be useful from a data management / ease of use perspective - at the very least, making it readily apparent that a map containing copied layers cannot be taken offline would be helpful.


Layers added to the map

A layer is duplicated:


In the copied layer, there is no option 'Show Item Details' where offline settings can be enabled. 'Description' takes the user to the REST Services Directory for the original layer:


Map refreshed in Field Maps app, and 'Add offline area' selected. Selection screen appears:


Area is selected for download. Download commences:


Within 1 - 10 seconds, download is abruptly ended and error message appears at bottom of screen:



When the copied layer is removed from the map, the download is completed as expected.

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Hi Tara,

In my experience, you have to create view layers to take them offline. Here is an old article that explains it for Collector, but I think the same rules still apply.



Thank you Travis, this is helpful! It would be nice if simply copying the layer worked, but I'm glad to know a workaround exists!


You're welcome. I use view layers for this exact purpose in almost every web map that I publish for offline use. Just make sure your view layer(s) also have settings configured for offline use and use with Field Maps. Keep in mind that when you have view layers, any schema/visualization changes you make to your original hosted layers (e.g., symbology, popups, adding/deleting fields, making fields editable, changing domains) must be updated using Update View if you want to see those changes in your other views.


[Comment edited to mention the Update View process.]


Is there any workaround for Standalone Feature Services?