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ArcGIS Field maps: keep pick list complete

05-31-2022 06:07 AM
New Contributor II

When you edit a field with a domain in ArcGIS Fields maps (and also ArcGIS Collector), you will get a pick list to choose from. For example:


When you have chosen a value , saved your feature and start to add or edit the next one, the previous value is in a list with recent values and the value has disappeared from the list of values.  For example:



I see 2 possible solutions:
1-Give the user the possibility to choose with settings whether he/she/other wants a recent header in the pick list and if that is the case choose whether the list of values ​​is left intact of not.
2-Still move the value to the recent list and leave the list of values ​​intact


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Yep, this is super annoying. A domain list should make it easy and repeatable for users to pick a value for the field. By showing a recent lists which usually is absolutely useless is one thing, but removing those options from the full list is idiotic, confusing, frustrating, and slower for users.