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Allow option to disable 'Zoom to location' when Add (+) feature

05-04-2021 08:29 AM
Status: Implemented
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Our organization is using Field Maps for aerial surveys in which time spent looking at the app/screen needs to be minimized as much as possible as to not miss documenting other observations.

We would like to see the ability to disable 'Zoom to location' when the Add (+) feature is clicked. It was suggested in another post to use the alternative collection method of 'Collect Here', but this does add an additional step for data collection and hence more time.  Our surveyors say they prefer to use the (+) button and then move the cross-hairs as this is still quicker. However the latter method involves a lot of unnecessary zooming that I can only imagine is very annoying for documenting data.

Here is the GeoNet post requesting this functionality.

Looking forward to this enhancement!




This doesn't really answer your question, but I spent 2 days in a helicopter a couple years ago trying Collector and it was too slow and too many screen taps and swipes.  There also seemed to be a lag in the GPS which made it difficult to figure you where you were when circling something. 

I ended up giving up on Collector using an app designed to record your hiking tracks.  It was something around 2/5 of the number of screen taps or swipes to collect a point with just a single letter name attribute.  I'm not sure ESRI would allow me to post what app I used.  

It also had the bonus of recording my whole flight path.


have you considered quick capture? As I understand it, it was designed for a workflow like yours.

ArcGIS QuickCapture Blog - Esri Community


Hi @BenWalker1 ,

Thanks for the info on QuickCapture. We actually do use QuickCapture for one of the field projects that is also an aerial survey. The biggest difference is QuickCapture by default adds a point under the plane/at your location or at a specified offset. Whereas Field Maps you can add features anywhere on the map which is required for the project I mentioned above. Thanks!


I strongly advocate for this idea.  Here is the use case:

I have a point features class (the one) related to a polygon feature class (the many).  The points are not editable.  The polygons are editable.

Clicking the Add (+) button is not an option, because that creates an erroneous polygon record not related to a point.

Long-pressing on the map and then tapping the Collect Here option creates the same problem - a child record not related to any parent record.

Therefore - users must select the point, then the chain icon (related feature class), then the Add button, which then zooms and pans the map away from the location of the parent point selected.  This makes adding child polygons rather unfriendly unless you are physically near the parent point location.

Status changed to: Implemented

Map authors can configure whether the GPS location is automatically used during collection can be configured using ArcGIS Field Maps web app. Details here on how to configure this behavior.