Allow Maps to be Visible in Field Maps if Shared with Organization

07-06-2021 09:53 AM
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I'm currently using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 and the latest version of field maps on my phone. I noticed today that maps that are shared with the entire organization, but are not a part of a group and that you aren't an owner of that map, are not visible in the Field Maps app.

For example, User A shares a map in Portal with the entire organization, but does not share it with a group. Since you are sharing with the entire organization, it shouldn't be necessary to set group permissions. User B signs into the Field Maps app (both in iOS and Android) and the map is not visible. The only way for the map to be visible is to:

  1. Share the map with a group and make sure User B is in the group
  2. Make User B the owner of the map

Having to create a group to share a map that is already visible to the entire organization is a little convoluted. Why do we have to create a group to be able to view maps in Field Maps when the map is already shared with the organization?

My idea is to allow maps that are shared with the organization to be visible in Field Maps without having to create a group, share the map with the group, and adding any users to the group.


I've found in Enterprise 10.8.1 that if you share the map with the organisation then it is available to use in Field Maps but only by doing a search for the item rather than it just being listed as available.

There was a similar question raised a couple of weeks ago here which prompted me to raise an idea about adding the organisational gallery option to Field Maps in the same way as it works in Explorer.


That explanation in your link makes sense. It still seems a little convoluted, but I also understand the reasoning.